Sunday, April 20, 2008

Indiscriminate Sketcher

Do you draw on a regular basis? What do you draw? I'll draw or doodle nearly anything.

I have been drawing or sketching out ideas my entire life. But then, haven’t we all. Since college I have kept sketchbooks of varying kinds and sorts. I admit I have never met a piece of paper I didn’t like and I will draw on anything. I’ve even jotted things on my hand until an authentic piece of paper is available.

Sometimes when I am driving an idea will creep into consciousness and I always think that if I don’t get it down I’ll lose it (a little Einstein-esque!). Since I am frequently in that car and in need of a dinner I usually have a McDonald’s bag handy. No paper, no problem. I rip a hunk off the bag and jot down the idea on the inside. Later, if I still think it’s worthy I’ll use a glue stick and put it into my sketchbook. That’s usually after it has traveled about in my pants and it’s acquired some kind of pocket karma. You know, wrinkled and well loved. I feel it in my pocket as I’m retrieving an ink pen or coin I put in there when I was sans purse. “Yup,” I think to myself, “that’s the idea that’s going to make me a bead star.” They always feel perfect when they’re in the pocket!

This drawing confession comes because today I went to a site I’ve seen listed before but never visited. This artist is far more disciplined than I. The site is called, “A Drawing Per Day Blog”. The artist, John Stewart. If by chance you need a little inspiration….his sketchbook rocks and I don’t think he’s picking any lint off of the drawings.

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