Thursday, April 21, 2011

Art Blogging

Which of the art blogs are the best? It’s subjective depending on the kind of art you are “into”. I enjoy lots of inspiration and find the Blog Rank site a great way of finding blogs that other people think are great too.

Here you will find ranked 75 of what are considered the “best” art blogs. They have them listed by RSS feed, Google, and several other different ways. They’re fun to peruse and can really get you thinking. Who doesn't have a brain-dead day once in awhile.

Not into art – but enjoy literature. It’s ranked too. As are books, photography, museums, and so on. Go ahead. It’s snowing and cold here. A great day to hunker down a spend an hour surfing.


rosebud101 said...

Thanks for the link, Sharon! As always, it's a good one!

mat board said...

Yeah great list in there! You have a nice blog too. :)