Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Galt It Is

For those who haven't been to Louisville before the last time we had the Gathering there the block of rooms were booked at the "The Galt". It is an older hotel than the Hyatt but very nice. The experience there was great. Between that and now the ISGB has developed a relationship with the Hyatt and so it has become our primary choice for these conventions.

Frankly, I liked the Galt.

I found this whole reservation thing annoying - Yes, I am frustrating easily. I admit it. But, like I said previously - I just did not expect a smaller block to be set aside for hotel use for this years convention. Maybe they thought others would find off site hotels as there are a lot of them in Louisville. Maybe it was the complaints about the previous Hyatt (I know I spoke up - I know a good dozen people who shut up/ and put up). Whatever the reasons - so be it.

Will it be a great convention - ABSOLUTELY! Is the ISGB a responsive and fantastic organization to be involved with - DITTO. Am I putting down their tireless efforts on behalf of their members - No way. I just found this hotel thing a snafu I found particularly please forgive my rant over it.

We are staying at "The Galt" - they have rooms and are attached to the convention center. The Marriot is full.

Now, on to making beads and more pleasant things. I'm still working on figuring out how to use a vulcanizer.

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