Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Galt - No wait - Now it's the Hyatt

It's a little like a ping pong game. Galt/Hyatt - Galt/Hyatt.

The Hyatt was out of the question because they didn't have room at the inn for us. And the point goes to The Galt, they had a room. I like the Galt - it's a bit of a walk through halls to the convention center but it's not sleeping the car (like THAT would happen, huh Susan?). It's a great hotel. We're adventurous - maybe not alone, but together we can get into trouble. Does anyone remember the flying monkies at one convention??? It was this "trusts" brainchild. We don't tend to be as adventurous for Lillian's sake...uh, most of the time : - ).

I thanked Libby Leuchtman - she suggested The Galt on Lampwork, Etc. when I posted about the issue of getting a room. Libby is a great Lampwork Artist and a down right good person.

Susan Lambert stepped in with an assist (she's an excellent person to punt, a friend, and fellow roomie -along with our lovely Lillian) and made the Galt reservations. I, admittedly, was pretty fed up with the Hyatt. No matter how I tried to explain that the booking had just opened for the Hyatt and that we could not switch hotels midstream - that Lillian is disabled - or that I had just seen a different room for $15.00 more on their own site (but it wouldn't let me book it at the same time as the other half I just purchased/ so I'd pay more for two nights but not $50.-$100. more) I could not move them from their position. This is where I enlisted Susan to assist - it's like passing to the faster wide receiver. She is the receiver of my oddly thrown balls (LOL)- I am more methodical like the quarterback. I needed to be benched because I bobbled the ball....

Yesterday the ping pong ball came back around again. I went to Midland to invest some castings to pour tonight and by the time I had gotten home Kendra Bruno (ISGB Executive Director) had intervened with the Hyatt and also posted on LE because she couldn't reach me by phone (probably have my old work number, maybe?). She set aside a room for all of us and we could call the Hyatt to confirm.

First a drought - then a flood.

Back to the stategity of hotel reservations, ping pong, and football. Susan goes long on one phone from NC to The Galt - and me in Michigan on the phone to the Hyatt. Done deal - Back to the Hyatt - The Galt is cancelled. It will be better and easy for Lillian - it will be better for the ISGB. I love the ISGB - I don't want them eating penalties for not filling their rooms. Can you believe that some people book extra rooms and then cancel after they find a roommate and then book the convention?Maybe it's me but the quarterback here finds that concept bass-ackwards. I'm thinking the wide receiver though would still be standing there down field saying, "Forget about it Sharon - just throw the damn ball - I can catch anything!"

I'm hoping everyone stops by our booth at the bead sale at the convention to see the "crazy hotel ladies" since now everyone knows us - HAHAHAHA! I think we need a sign in that booth that says, "Sort of book your reservations with Sharon - it will be a fun ride."

Thank you Kendra, Susan, Libby, and Lillian and the ISGB. You all rock.

Tomorrow - on to artistic posting...enough about the hotels already, huh?

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