Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Beloved Detroit

I’ll address my absence from blogging tomorrow but for now I’d like to send a shout out to Detroit.

It's the city of my birth, a place where I grew up meeting my Grandmother for lunch at Carson's, explored Museums, enjoyed the
Scarab Club, drove "muscle" cars, fell in love with old buildings, and people. New York has it's charm but I think if you can "make it" in Detroit - well, you've got GRIT!

We've all watched the auto industry problems - it really hits home for me to see that. In our neighborhood we were the children of "factory rats", Air Force people, and whatever squeezed into living around them. It was a great WWII neighborhood with children at every house. Well, you don't want to know about that. You want to know about the shout out.

April is glass month in Michigan. Hallelujah! Can you believe it? Of all of the places to have a
Habitat Gallery - it's Michigan (Metro Detroit). All the galleries and the studios seem to celebrate in one way or another. It's even got a mention in American Style Magazine. I'm hoping I get back downstate to visit some of the galleries and some of my friends this month. We'll see - it's mighty busy around here.

Carol Shepard of SMGBG (Southeasterm Michigan Glass Beadmakers Guild - Glass Act) sent out a notice to all of us in the guild about a "happening" during this time. It was kind of a gallery walk - open house. The factories aren't all abandoned. Check out the
Russell Industrial Center Leave it to the artists to find the best in things and rebuilt. My motto - abandon it and they will collect it, repurpose it, and turn it into art. Go ARTISTS - and GO DETROIT!

The Russell was designed in 1915 by architect Albert Kahn and used to be home to the Murry Body Company. Today it is home to more than 150 artists and creative tenants.
Everyone here has a passion not just for art, but for creating art here in the Motor City.

So lift up your coffee cup and give Detroit a toast - they are nothing if not resilient and artistic.