Friday, September 9, 2011

All I needed was a Gnome!

LOL - They had a repeat of the "Closer" the other night and it was the one where someone used a poor garden Gnome to, uh - - - off the current weekly victim. I have to admit, the poor Gnome did look a little ruthless. I didn't have one invited to the wedding but maybe I should have.

This isn't the Gnome. But, I had to tell you about these poor guys. Apparently - somewhere in Europe - and my friends over there beyond the great ocean please forgive me for not remembering the country - someone(s) decided to Free the Gnomes. They liberated them from yards and gardens and put them in other places. I wonder if they would of wanted my Mother's Gnome. He was a happy sort and slept in her garden. Eventually he was liberated to my daughter's yard.....and I don't think he's interested in a European tour. Gosh, maybe he (she - how can you tell? - pants?) would let me go in their place.

I didn't get time to play at the lake this year either. But if I did I'd of made one of these sand tributes. Mine would have just had the pointed hat sticking out of the sand and maybe a hand reaching out. I'm not one to put out energy in the sun, on the sand, while sweating bullets, and looking at some skinny chic next to me.

And to finish my little tribute to about the only thing I didn't have at the wedding...but we do have them in Michigan - Mushroom houses. This one is famous and is in Charlevoix. It's where I would imagine a Gnome might live if he had a choice. We have entirely too much time on our hand during Winters in Michigan.

Maybe tomorrow I better make a little glass Gnome - or two. Since it's time to get my fingers back to the torch it sounds like a fun place to start!

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rosebud101 said...

Sounds like a great idea to me!