Sunday, September 25, 2011

Customer Appreciation Sale - Silly Sunday

This is Che Che. LOL - a friend from Brazil tells me those are female body parts. Officially she is Che Che Rodriguez Hogan. She was my Mother's fur baby and we inherited her when Mom passed away. Looks like a pleasant enough dog, huh? Think again! She's a terror - the boss of the roost and the retrievers will make a large path around her when she's having a "mood". Even the feral cat from the garage won't mess with her. You gotta love a dog with moxie.

This is our youngest retriever - Technically, Gertrude Jean. We call her Trudy. The little Bug (part Boston Terrie and part Pug) is my DD's dog - Penny. She was "hanging out" with Trudy for the Wedding.

This is both retrievers. They love a good trip to the Dairy Queen. The white faced fur baby behind Trudy is Nellie Belle. She is the eldest at 12 years. She is like the princess of the clan. Always sits erect, crosses her front paws, prissy (except with water - she thinks every water is a bath tub to be jumped into), she is also like a bull in a china shop. Absolutely no sense of her size. There may be plenty of room to walk and she steps on your feet - hits you with her butt - and gallops like a horse.

I love animals - it's constant humor.

Let's not even begin to talk about the feral cats born in the garage last winter. They now hang around the front porch and love to line up for hot dogs with what my DH calls "the girls". My son calls it the Zoo and call the dogs the "Sisters of Chaos." Never a dull moment.


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Janel said...

What a sweet group of furbabies! Coop says "Hi!" to everybody. :)

angelinabeadalina said...

lol, Sisters of Chaos! Your puppydog clan is adorable, Sharon. I love persnickety cats and fallingalloverya dogs... wish I could talk hubby into a dog.