Monday, September 12, 2011

Glass Goblets

It’s not a bead but it is glass. If I’d of had time I’d of disassembled some wine glasses and made some crazy stems for them using clear boro and glued them onto the goblet/ and base. Alas – Our Daughter’s wedding was one week away when we decided these went so well with the outdoorsy country chic theme. First we made these great chandeliers for hanging wired mason jars off of with tea lights. And then Mom had an “ah ha” moment and saw a design for the wedding goblets. Since I’m no artistic wuss I went in search of the various parts.

So easy – we used ½ pint mason Jars that are tall. They also come in an 8oz. kind of short jar. But, with the candle holders we had chosen this was the best possible alternative. She loves them. We wrapped them with raffia on the handles and some silk flowers and name tags – it’s how the bridal party found their seats at the table. We answered a million “How’d you do that” questions so we knew they were a hit.

Okay – so it’s not a bead – but it is glass. And, what I used to glue the two pieces together. Its special glue I purchased at “His Glassworks”. It’s glue that has GUSTO. This stuff works so very well on glass to glass pieces. I have not tried it on glass to metal yet. I absolutely believe that its tensile strength is such that the glass will crack before the bond lets go.

See, I’m always doing something in the same glass driven vein………..Hope you like the goblets

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rosebud101 said...

Those goblets are great! Thanks for sharing.