Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FaerieCon Here I Come

Sorry I've been missing in action again. I've been making ceramic and lampwork beads like crazy and trying to get ready to leave for FaerieCon. I attend to accompany my friend Sharon Dent of Mystic Swan Jewelry - she gracious invited me to add some of my work to the mix but on this show I just so enjoy being the side-kick that I've declined.

This year Sharon has moved to a larger booth in a downstairs ballroom and we will be closing at an earlier time which will allow us time to attend the Faerie Balls. It's always fun to see the costume changes and listen to the music. This year a popular band called Qnytal will be playing at one of the Balls. And then someone I haven't heard before called Priscilla Hernandez.

I promise I'll be posting from FaerieCon and sending along the daily photos of what's happening. Plus, if you have never been to a Renaissance Festival or one of these you ought to consider it.....such a feast for the eyes and soul.


rosebud101 said...

Have fun! Call me sometime!

Glitterbug said...

Hi Sharon,

Just wondering if you got the message I sent through Etsy?

Cherie :-)