Thursday, November 17, 2011

Indelible Memories - An ISGB call for submissions...

Hey there everyone! We just received a notification from the ISGB about the upcoming 20th Anniversary show for the Gathering. They've had many a good topic in the past - but this one - well, I really like it. I don't know anyone who hasn't had a time in their lives that they can't reference back to.

For example, I cannot smell cinnamon without thinking of my Grandfather making oven toasted cinnamon with sugar on old bread in the oven. It was crisp - crunchy - sweet. Conjures up a brown necklace - maybe frits - or crushed clear glass like sugar - maybe hollows with spices captured within. The possibilities with this theme are endless.

What's your indelible memory? Here is the call for submissions (I've made ISGB clickable above):

A Collection of Personal Narratives Expressed in Art Glass Beads

In everyone's lives are moments that stand out, moments that we remember more clearly than others. We can call these certain memories to mind as if they happened just yesterday, no matter how much time passes. What makes these moments unforgettable may vary greatly. Maybe it was doing something for the first time or for the last time. Perhaps it was an entirely commonplace occurrence but one day, that one day in particular, something different happened. These are the moments that become etched in our memory permanently. Sometimes, all it can take to transport us back to that moment is a smell, a word, or a sound, and we can play that memory over and over again in our mind's eye.

Reach back into your memory. Pluck out the details from one of your most memorable or special experiences. Take those sights and sounds and translate them into glass! Paint a picture of that memory using glass beads as your brushstrokes and jewelry as your canvas. Turn that special memory into a wearable work of art.

This is an opportunity for ISGB members to participate in a special exhibition that will open in conjunction with our twentieth anniversary Gathering in Bellevue/Seattle, Washington. Jewelry can include but is not limited to components such as seed beads, fine metal, PMC, fibers, etc. Multiple mediums are encouraged; however the main focus of your piece should be hand-crafted glass bead(s). Members may choose to work solo or with partners of their choice.

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