Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let’s talk ceramics – which, I can assure you, my information bank on this one would fill the head of a pin. What I can do is tell you what product I’m working with to make these.

First off, I’m using low-fire Earthenware clay in white (from Runyon Pottery Supply, a Michigan company but I think most States and Countries have similar suppliers). It also comes in red and gray. I have some old red left from my DD’s days on the pottery wheel and it looks like even after all of these years they might be useable too. The clay is sitting soaking up some extra moisture and soon I’ll knead/ and wedge the reconstituted stuff.

For the under glaze colors I’m using the ones Jennifer Heynen gave us in class – simply labeled by color. I also bought some new colors to mix from the Big Ceramic Store and Runyon called “Concepts” by Duncan. They’re compatible with the clay and firing that I’m doing.

After they’re fired to the bisque and nice and hard I under glaze them and cover that with clear glaze. Fire again and voila.

Seems simple, huh? Well, I only think it is because I’ve followed Jen’s instruction and her book. I do have a daughter to refer to but she did it for fun, it wasn’t her area of study. Since I’m such a lover of books I will admit to a half a dozen on the topic but other than that I can do little but learn as I go on this one – so far I’m having a great time.

Nellie update:
The stitches are still in but they removed the tube and she's finally perking up. YES! I was getting worried. Whew!


Patty said...

Beautiful beads, Sharon! I'm wondering if you were able to use your glass kiln to fire them.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Hi Patty - Yes - I use a Jen-Ken (it's a lampworking kiln) that has one of Arrow Springs programable kiln sitters on it. I know I haven't quite got the right program down yet because I get a failure code while cooling down but by then it's practically over. I'm mixing the ceramic and the glass work lately and loving it.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Forgot to say you can probably see that kiln in an old studio shot somewhere in this blog. Octagon looking thing with no bead door - I put things inside through a hinged lid.