Monday, November 7, 2011

Wing Whacked and a Fin

Costume judging for the adults - there is one for the kids too!

Steam Punk and Mermaids are well represented!

Gothic Faeries are always welcome.

Watch Out for Wings !

I feel a little "wing whacked" after the drive back - but joyful about the experience at FaerieCon. Since I'm too tired out to write a bunch I thought I'd just let the photos speak for themselves. I've talked before how you have to be careful sometimes when you are walking around FaerieCon...because...some of the Faerie's wear very large wings and when they turn in a confined area you can get thwacked a good one. Included are some of the many many wings of FaerieCon, a few Princes and Queens, and tons of assorted creatures. Tomorrow when I get time I'd like to show just a few more photos before I sign off of this years fun time and gear back into normal. What's normal anyway?


Beadwright said...

Fabulous costumes. Looks like lots of fun

rosebud101 said...

How fun, Sharon!