Sunday, November 13, 2011

Handmade Meaning...

I'm having the usually "Silly Sunday" but did some browsing this morning with my coffee. When I did I found this interview on Etsy which contained Seaworthy's explanation of what she thinks qualifies as "handmade". She hit the nail on the head for me.

While growing up my Grandfather lived with us. He was a professional chef - I not only basked in grand parenting I also got interesting things to eat. Would I consider that handmade? Absolutely! Chef's are artists with their materials too. I guess I've lived a handmade life...crocheted and knitted blankets, sewing, cooking, lace, shoes, toys, gardening, and so much more. How about you?

This is what Seaworthy had to say when asked, "What does handmade mean to you?"

"Handmade, in my opinion, is about human connection. Handmade isn’t just tangible items – it extends to locally-owned shops and restaurants, small wineries, organic farmers and people who make made-from-scratch meals for their loved ones. It’s about people doing and making what they love and sharing it with the people who enjoy and appreciate it. It’s all about the human experience and how we connect to one another, as corny as that may sound."

Bravo! You can
see Seaworthy's incredible wares by clicking on her underlined name above. It will take you directly to her Etsy site. She mades some great jewelry.

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