Friday, November 25, 2011

Poor Nellie - Who thought of this fashion statement?

She is on the mend - at at least that is what we hope to hear from the vet tomorrow who is meeting us at her office on a Saturday. She'll be removing a tube from her leg. This is our beloved fur-baby, Nellie. She is our 12 year old golden retriever. Some place along growing up she developed a growth on the inside of her left rear leg. It never bothered her and we had it checked yearly - but it just kept getting bigger (double grapefruit bigger). Finally it interfered with her walking and we decided it had to be removed. And so it was, on Tuesday. Wednesday, the day before the "big turkey", we picked her up from the vet.

She has to have a temporary tube covered so she doesn't bother it - and there has to be plenty of changeable padding there to absorb the dripping. I think I deserve an award for ingenuity on how to keep the pads and gauze on...and up where they belong. I'm calling it the ultimate arm sling. Take one old shirt and cut the arm off with plenty of material up to the neck and presto - leg warmer.

Poor thing - but she can walk with it. LOL - and do the necessary business. We've run out of Leopard print cotton arms and today's new sling is hot pink polyester. I'm not sure which is worse - the indignity of the get-up or my poor choice in recyclable long sleeve shirts.


Janel said...

Poor baby! At least she's fashionable while she recovers. Give her an extra hug and cuddle from me and Coop! :)

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Thanks Janel!