Monday, June 9, 2014

Cleanliness is right up there with Raising Spirits

Every dog has their own personality.  Our Nellie (first retriever) was a priss with everything until it came to water.  She loved water but didn't swim and didn't like her head wet.  So she acted like the lake and rivers were her swimming pool.
Trudy, our now oldest on the other hand thinks water is for ducks and is totally disinterested unless it's for a drink or the occasional bath tub - reluctantly!  And then comes Daisy- - - - hahahahaha.  She blows bubbles in the water bowl and is totally not intimidated by it one single bit.  She acts like a firefighters airplane picking up water in the lake with her lower jaw open - then she closes it and moves away from the bowl as she closes her "hatch" around the water and....out it comes from all directions.  Water - It's for pawing, frolicking, blowing bubbles, and otherwise jumping around in and having a great time.  We could tell she would like it because she did the same thing with her water bowl as a puppy and when I was careless the toilet.  My kitchen floor is a constant puddle - as witnessed by the towel I keep on it so I can drag it around with my foot.  I guess you could reframe that by saying my floor is constantly washed.  Trudy (the elder) does a three lick rhythm and never gets a drop anywhere.  Viva La Difference

Here are some photos of the "water baby" and what I'm working on.  Enjoy.

Does anyone have an technical questions they'd like answered about lampwork or metal?  I'm open.  Post them in the comments and I'll answer them on the next post.

I've never put a video on the Blog before so I hope that this works. Here is Daisy in her new pool. We try and find things which she will enjoy that we can keep in the yard and aren't too stressful. She's enjoying this, don't you think?

She has an inhibited joy when playing in the water.  I can't wait until the lake is warm enough that I can take her in to strengthen her back leg muscles.   I was told it would be good therapy for her...probably for me too.
Back to the torch - enjoy the video....

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Lela said...

That video is so fun and cute! :)