Thursday, June 26, 2014

Do Over as I work on clay beads

Working on some redo's in clay today.  Tomorrow I'll be doing some more lampworking and when I'm ready to sit down for the day to relax I work on making some clay components.  Yes, it's how I relax.  The one that's complete (glazed, colorful, not so great) in this photo was an original I made about 6 years ago in a ceramic refresher I took with Jennifer Heynen.   I hadn't touched clay since college so I was having a wonderful time refreshing those skills.  I haven't stopped since that class.  I just intersperse it in with everything else.  I know lots of lampworkers who work with polymer clay, fibers, or metals - us artistic types never seem to sit still. 

The original is kind of yucky - I'd never done under glazes and you know how classes are - rush rush rush and learn the techniques.  But I like the craziness of it so I decided that with some alterations it might be an interesting focal piece, albeit a fairly large one.
I put on the wing - Maybe I should have stuck with it but all of a sudden wasn't sure if I liked it for the bigger work - or instead of people thinking it represented a mask they might get some sinister angel vs. devil kind of thing, which it isn't.  So, off with the wing and on with two horns. 
Hopefully the colors I chose for the mask will help to make him a more happy character and less ominous.   I guess I better keep it colorful.

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