Friday, June 20, 2014

Maybe it's Karma

I saw a bead - LOL.  Isn't that statement something?  Like I see dead people....thank goodness I do not.  Anyway, I saw some beads on the cheap.  No doubt they were Chinese made quickies meant for the mass trade.  Not particularly good but they did spark something in me so I copied the thought.  Hahahahha - it's Karma, I'm telling you. 

Chinese copies of American creations is rampant.  A dear friend just had her castings copied verbatim and then they used her own photos of her work from Etsy to sell it.  Isn't that sad?  And there honestly is not much you can do about  it.  Yes, there are people who have done that - fought their system.  But far far and away the only reasonable course for any artist is to let it go.  Protect yourself where you can but fighting with a giant may only bring you tears and pain - unless, of course, you're feeling very "David" today.

Currently there is an artist on Etsy who sends beads to have them copied in China and then sells them on Etsy as her own.  With the new Etsy rules you are allowed to do that.  Really nice, huh?  Actually, it's easy to find her - they're on every single page.  In fact, type in "lampwork beads" onto Etsy and you will see the factory takes up a large percentage of every page.  What a shame it's driven out so many artists.  I guess if Etsy is going to grow they must feel a need for the money these factories can provide.  Even an on-line store is just that - a store.  It's up to the customer to decide on how much due diligence they want to extend to researching their components.

Whew, that was a bit of tangent - sorry.  Anyhow - this is my interpretation of the Buddha that influenced me.  Mine's better!  Of course.  And it comes with some great extras. 

I tend to use my "Hug and Kiss" stamp on the back of any bead that's appropriate.  I created it and sold some but I so love it.

I love Buddha and all he represents.  Buddhism is one of the great religions of the world and I'm all for Peace, Love, Happiness and the freedom to worship as you please in peace.
Judging from this post you could probably surmise I'm also for turnabout is fair play!  Go Buddha!  Aren't I feeling a bit Zen......

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