Tuesday, June 10, 2014

On the Bench Today

My friend Susan and I are going to do the bead Show in Southfield this fall.  I haven't done that show in a very long time.  Since I now make ceramic beads in addition to the lampwork I decided I might as well show both types of work so in the evening when the TV is just in maximum overdrive I've pulled out the old table to work.  So far I thought I'd start with sets of rounds that I can paint with colorful decorations.  I'll try to make about ten sets.  They're a little on the labor intensive side when you aren't just putting one color of glaze on them but if I limit the sets with the fancy paint jobs and then work on regular glazes for others it will all even out I hope.

So here is the removable bench:  The largest beads are hollow - no one needs a lot of weight around their neck.  Jennifer Heynen taught me how to do this and frankly I just love it. 

The larger beads are about 1 1/2 " large.  See the plastic spoons?  It's my tip for keeping them as round as I can.  I tend to roll them around in there and they round back up nicely. 

Have a wonderful week.

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