Monday, August 9, 2010

Battery Muncher

I've been working on a casting to go around a new cabochon I just finished. I'll take a pre-cast photo for tomorrow and hope it casts when it's time. The casting part is out of my control so you never know whether you're going to hit the lottery or have that losing ticket. To make a wax model you have to heat the wax to apply it to what ever you are modeling. A max-wax or an alcohol lamp is a must if you do this type of work. I learned how to use one from Ann Davis when I was learning how to electroform. They tend to eat batteries if you do a lot of this type of, what doesn't use up batteries. While surfing around I found this:

The Battery Eater, by David Dear, sucks the remaining juice from AA batteries. He's magnetic, so you stick him on the fridge, throw in a battery, and his eyes blink with zinc-carbon ecstasy until he's munched all the power. They cost $12.85 from

Since my wax-max tends to gobble juice all by itself I don't really need one but the blinking in the studio would be fun!

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