Saturday, August 7, 2010

Silly Saturday Post

You know how Saturday's are - To little time, to much to do to catch up! Enjoy the "Maxine" comic. I'm beginning to think Saturdays should be for silliness. If you're going to be insane trying to accomplish all of the things you should have done during the week you might as well have a silly time doing it. Now where is that pink sequin tiara Susan and I wore at the bead bazaar last year?? Oh, and Susan has a great idea so this cleaning up thing won't send you totally over the edge. Every hour you only have to pick up ten items. You can do those ten as fast or as slowly as you want - but the rest of the hour is yours. It works!!! But now Susan is counting the items as she goes....hahahaha, I think I always was.


susanlambert said...

LOL wear the tiara while you clean. Or better yet, wear it all day. :-)

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

So, do you want me to send you yours? Maybe it will help us while we torch beads too!