Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gathering Goodies

Maybe I just shouldn’t be allowed in the vendor area of the Gathering. Besides the glass purchase (despite my desire to squelch that- insert here that I lost that inner battle) I bought several other wonderful things. Wonderful to me, at least until the charge card bill arrives!

I truly think there has never been a tweezers I didn’t love. Marcie Lamberson was in Malcolm’s ARTCO booth at the same time I was and recommended the tungsten tipped tweezers. I’ve wanted them since last year so off the shelf they flew!

Then there were the ones at Arrow Springs. Those with the angled tip were listed as leaf tweezers - ? I don’t know about that but the tips on those could easily be used to pluck something off of a bead that you did not want there….or maybe to pull those points on the tips of those little leaves (hence the name?). I remember an ancient class (as a long time ago) I took with Kim Fields and she used these absolutely minute tipped tweezers to grab up glass and pull it off. I think they were stamp tweezers. I can’t tell you the number of tweezers I ruined practicing how to do that. Sounds easy now – but when I was a newbie it sure wasn’t.

Then there are the “use the glass to the last nub” tweezers. Not a bad idea I think. I am trying to do that by attaching old rods to new rods as I go but often I don’t have the same color handy and that leaves bunches of little bits sitting here and there on the bench waiting for the identical color to arrive. Maybe they will help.

Last, but not least. I purchased some square, round, and an oval mandrels plus some Asian beadmaking tools. Now, do I think I will be able to make those wonderful floral beads that so many of our Asian counterparts are famous for – absolutely not! But, the tools were too intriguing to pass up and the trowel (another Marcie recommedation she kindly showed me how to use) was wrapped in a Japanese newspaper which I find fascinating. I think I’ll squirrel away the paper in my resin box for a later project.

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