Saturday, August 14, 2010

Class Fruits

In the space time continuum Sharon's been busy. The local art show was fun. Where else can you get pot holders and a painting? I love these kinds of fairs. Not that I don't like the artsy fartzy ones too but there is something to be said for the ones that have something for everyone. Sorry, forgot the camera - drats!

I thought I'd back track just a little because I mentioned the class with Cindy Moore but never showed you what we did. As class techniques go these were good ones. I'll be using the hinges again but working in silver, once I work out my glitches. This is a great class for anyone who's never made hinges before. I've done a lot of hinges but never this way. They work really great and the design is extremely adaptable. The one here is out of copper and it isn't going to take any awards for clean workmanship but the next one will, now that I've got the techniques down.

One of the cleaver things Cindy used (maybe it was a Nancy Garber/Brighton Beads find - I'm not sure) was a Mini Cut Off Saw (Harbor Freight) for the hinge tubing. Now this is no precision tool but it sure beats the heck out of sawing the little buggers by hand. You will have to remove the bur left behind from the saw but considering you have to file everything anyway I think it's a find. As a metalsmith I'm used to working with tools that can be dangerous if you are not careful. This tool definitely falls into that category. Despite it's size and price ($27.99) it's still a cut off saw and it doesn't have any major safety devices so keep your fingers firmly attached to your hands and out of the way of the rotating blade. It has a vice so that is easily accomplished but be forewarned - this blade can cut, metal and skin. Stay focused.
I think the cut off saw will also work nicely for cutting ring bands, tiny tubes for tube set gemstones, and for those who love lining beads with tubes it will make short work of it. A must buy for your tool collection if you don't have one.

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