Saturday, August 14, 2010

Silly Sunday

We are off to an Art Show - No, not participating....just browsing and having fun. It's just a local festival. When I mean local it's about a 40 minute drive from here. If no one minds me taking them I'll post a few photos tomorrow.
And on the topic of mooning - Have you mooned anyone lately? I bet my buns look a lot like Maxine's but it would be fun to cut loose once again....hmmmmm. And, if I got arrested? Isn't that part of the excitement! This could be truly an indecent exposure. Maxine and I certainly aren't members of the bikini tribe anymore. It's not that I would want to go to court or anything. I can't imagine what defense my son might give on my behalf...but I'd sure like to hear it.
"Your honor I humbly apologize for my Mother's behavior. She's been like this since I was a child and it just seems to be aggravated by her age. She got a tattoo - she sleeps in and stays up to all hours. Oh forget it your honor - just book her Danno!"
Hahahaha - the judge's name is Dan. Off to the art show....


Deb said...

You can only moon someone if I'm allowed to as well!

Been years since...oopsy no I have never done anything like that, can't you just tell by the way my halo is shining?

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Why Deb Batten I think you should at least give the old knickers a drop and look in the household full length mirror. Now just how could you deny someone the absolute privilege of a great "moon". I was actually wondering if they would pay us for advertising if we lampworkers had an around the world moon...and on our bums it said "Buy Beads"