Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A color blast of Ceramics

Fall gets me all colorful - can't help it - we all know my favorite color is orange. So here I am looking out the window and decide with all of this color going on outside I ought to try a little inside. If DH wasn't such a "neutral" kind of guys the walls would be a color riot.

Clay is interesting addition for me. I'm still not over the texture and getting it all over my hands. It's okay to work with. It's not okay as it dries on my hands - ick! I prefer wax work for casting or making lampwork. But, I like the colors you can get with glazes and it a kind of "glass".

I was taught how to do this from Jennifer Heynen (Jangles) at the Bead and Button Show one year. I thought it would be useful to mix with glass beads in necklaces and other things - heavy on the bead work and not a copy of Jennifer's incredible work. More like a variation on a theme and definitely not a wholesale item.

These are fun - colorful. I guess when it's fall and bright you want to capture that last flower and make it last until spring has returned you mimic the colors. I'm going to be doing some riveting - maybe some waxed linen knotting. Truly I'm not quite sure how it's all going to go together but I know I'll never get there if I don't get some components ready. Wish me luck!