Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Silly

I'm feeling much more like myself again. The cold, aches, and boiling fevers are gone...whew! So now I'm just pondering what to do with my day. I have made some clay beads to add to my lampwork but they haven't even reached the kiln for the first firing. I'll get some photos of the stages they go through later.

I had a good laugh at myself - Jennifer Heynen is such a great teacher and wonderful artist. She posted the new photos of her studio and gallery on line. In the photos you can see the racks of air drying items getting ready for the kiln and all of her luscious hand painting. When I go in my kitchen - - - - I see my paper plate of drying items.....LOL. I'm such a geek.

But, at least, I'm a nerd without the flu!

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