Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ReDONE and a new ReDO Earring Project

Finished this pair and now I'm on to the next ones!

This is the original earring. I found this set with the other one. Tarnish heaven here...but easy enough to clean off with a quick tumble. On the left is a quick drawing of what I'd like to change about the earring. I'd like to make it more swing and have more dangles.

I have experimented with some of what is shown attached to the earring. It had to be modified because the larger ring shown dangling on the go between ring was glass - and although smallish it interfered with everything else that was hanging.

What's cool about this is it's a great update. There is now a crystal, a very old Czech pressed square off of an antique necklace, new discs I made, and silver spiral twist I created. Since everything is attached singly it sways and moves....and it has some great mojo.

I shortened the way to long wire and gave everything an antiqued brushed surface. I like the Redo, how about you? This set will be for sale in the Etsy shop. My friend Susan owns quite a few of my earrings. She was one of my first customers and now a dear friend. She refers to my earrings as little pieces of art since I'm so picky with what goes on them. Most often they are OOAK. That part is kind of nice since you won't see them floating by on every ones ears.

I'm knee deep - well, maybe knuckle deep in finding where I stashed some of my old earrings from when I did art shows. Here is the final design for the old hearts. Eliminating the larger glass disc was a good idea - now they swing and hang better. Off to find more earrings.....

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angelinabeadalina said...

ooooooh, pretty, pretty! I especially love the silvers and cool blues in the heart redo's... definitely great earrings, Sharon!