Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Post Flu....YES!

Where’s Sharon now that she is feeling better. I’ve listed some new lampwork on my site – holiday items. It’s fun to make snowmen while it’s still Fall weather. I doubt I’ll feel that way about January – about then I’ll be making flowers and wishing for Spring.

It’s still clay time too…kind of like play time? Here is the plate full of goodies to go in the kiln for bisque fire. And a photo of the newly fired stuff that just came out. I’m still considering the options for using it. It’s like having a brand new writing tablet and getting that first line drawn on the paper….sometimes it’s just agony. But, once the doodle begins the pages are fair game!

I’m learning some things about packing the kiln. I ruined four pieces when I strung them on kanthal wire too light to hold the weight. The wire bent and the pieces either touched the bottom of the kiln or each other – POOP. Lesson learned. I’ll need to get out Jennifer’s great book again and look some things up. Since I’m only making a small quantity of things to use it would be great not to lose too many.

This is so much fun. I'm hoping to create some mixed media projects when I have an assortment to choose from in metal, clay, and glass.

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susanlambert said...

Really nice! I love the colors!