Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Street Art

I've just been enjoying the weather, creating drawings, and getting the leaves raked up. What I miss right now is being in Detroit. I am the city girl at heart. Alley's intrigue me - although since I'm not one of Charlie's Angels I don't wander down to many. Ah, memory lane.....

Part of what I miss are the great sporting events. Wow, the Detroit Tigers against the Texas Rangers. Baseball at it's finest right now - equally matched teams makes for a great sporting event. My Dad took me to games - a lot.

Another thing I miss - street art. People do crazy things with their environment. I even like gang signs and graffiti. Although it would be nice if it weren't done as an act of destruction. But then, if it was less destructive they'd be more like the Rotary or Moose.

I added some great street art photos stuff. You have to love how creative people can be.

Aren't these inflatable sculptures just the greatest? Created with garbage bags and left on subway grates or where there is wind. Love it!

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rosebud101 said...

Those are great, Sharon! You have such a busy, creative mind!!!!