Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trolling Along

Last year while at Faerie Con and talking to Brian Froud he mentioned he was on his way to Abram's (his publisher) after the festival. A new book it seems will hopefully be about Trolls. How exciting a character to be writing about and illustrating. Since Faerie Con is virtually here I've been pondering that conversation and thinking about the Trolls.

This conjures up some great reverence and laughter. Since I live in Michigan - the "Mitten State", as it's referred to, sometimes people forget we have a whole Upper Peninsula that isn't shaped like a mitten at all. Here - below the Mighty Mackinac Bridge we call the people who live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan "Yoopers". Well, actually - they also refer to themselves that way. My DD attended Northern Michigan University and delightfully called herself that too. She even picked up the lingo. For example, "We're having nice weather, eh?" Lot's of people up there of Finnish and Swedish decent.

Okay, so I am on my own merry memory lane here...let's get to the Trolls. If you live below the bridge we are called "Trolls". LOL.

Anyhoo - I decided I ought to attempt a few Trolls in honor of that conversation and my honorary position as "troll in residence." These are fun!

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