Thursday, June 17, 2010

Casing Out Bead and Button

This the Frontier Airline Convention Center where Bead and Button is held. Its huge! There are class rooms in the center, the main sales floor, and the receptions are held here. We attended the "Flame Off" (for cancer research) and the "Meet the Teachers" night.

One of the neatest things when you get to B&B is seeing the enormous amount of eye candy. Bead and Button sponsors the Bead Dreams contest every year and the outcome of this competition is breathtaking. After you pass through the welcoming arches of the convention you can see just ahead rows of jewelry display cases. The next thing you notice are everyone backs and butts– they all look like Garfield pressed to the glass – but instead of wanting to get out they want to get in. I am no exception! And to those who's butts I photographed - I apologize!

This year I admit to doing a lousy job of photographing the Bead Dream entries. The cases seemed to be particularly reflective and no matter what I tried I seemed doomed to get a bounce back off of the camera.. Still, I did manage to get a few photos for you to enjoy. I'll post those tomorrow.
Eye candy at Bead and Button is absolutely of the highest quality.

Unfortunately, after a very short amount of time I find myself "Bead Blind". Bead blindness occurs when you have reached your threshold of being able to retain where exactly you have seen a certain item you’ve thought long enough about it to want it. That decision necessitates a return to the booth for a purchase. All of a sudden all the eye candy runs together and you’re lost. Hence, bead blindness. I also suffer from bench blindness and corner fuzz ball phobia. It's good to be able to ignore them all until it's absolutely necessary....or company is coming.
Well, lets get to a few more photos. These are of the show floor. The lady in the first photo is checking out Andrea Guarino's booth. Andrea was one of the Master Teachers this year.

This is a photo of the central area of the sales floor. It's where the publishers are and all of the Bead and Button souvenirs.

Tomorrow, I promise, I'll post some photos of what was IN the cases. Have a great day - the sun is shining and it's not raining today.

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Deb said...

What a great looking building that is!!! It's so unlike the usual convention centre :)

It looks as if it was wonderful - I cant wait to see more photo's