Monday, June 21, 2010

The Navy's in Town and I have NO SAILOR

Okay, so the title of this post is misleading but you'll get the point in a minute. When we arrived at the Hyatt and went up to our rooms we were graced with a look out of fifteenth floor windows. Personally, I like that. This city girl loves to be as high up as she can. I like peeking down on building tops and seeing if there are gardens or outdoor areas above the streets. I can't help it - I just find city architecture fascinating. So here I was - way up high and I keep hearing jet engines that are relatively close. So, I sat watching out the windows.

Later on, I had come up to the room to change clothes and put my feet up for awhile. Whew, Bead and Button can wear you out. As I'm watching out the window I finally spot the objects that matched the noise from earlier. It seems we were honored by witnessing a partial air show just outside of our windows. I quickly found out that the Navy's Blue Angel's were in town and I was witnessing a practice run. So close - but so far away - shucks! It was one of those small happy treats you get once in awhile when you are least expecting it - I loved it.

Much later, my friends, who were staying the the Hilton, told me the pilots of those magnificent machines were all staying at the Hilton. One of them actually got off on the wrong floor from the elevator because the "views" were just so great of the guys in flight suits. I know I am long past that stage of hitting on a cute fella but I think it would have been some voyeur kind of tickle to see how the others reacted to seeing them...okay, I probably would have swooned a few bars of music myself.

But NO, NO, NO, we were staying at the Hyatt.....grrrrrrrrr. No Blue Angels for me....I'd have to be satisfied with the sound of thunder and some glimpses. Boo Hoo! I tried to get a few shots of them out the window but nothing really turned out.

Then, much to my surprise I had a pilot come and visit me. He landed on the fifteenth floor and even serenaded me. I tried to communicate in the language of his choice but it did not work. I tapped on the window - he hovered like a Harrier jet and tapped back. We did, however, have a deliriously happy conversation in the form of sign language and Morse code that I was tapping out on the window.

I guess it goes to prove....Be specific in what you ask for. I wanted to see a guy with a set of fast wings too. I got what I wished for!!


Janel said...

I would have preferred the flight suit pilots too, but your visitor was pretty cool!

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Yes, I've never had a seagull do that before - I was shocked. I kept thinking he'd fly away. I tapped, he tapped - I figured he'd spook when I got up to get the camera. Nope! He just watched and waited for me to tap some more and then started to sing (if that's what you call it). Too funny.

angelinabeadalina said...

LOL! Great story!