Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bead and Button Classes

Let's talk about the classes I took at B&B and all of the fun stuff that was seen and done.  First off there were hundreds of different classes offered.  I already know quite a bit about casting precious metals but not a lot about casting pewter so I took a pewter casting class offered by The Glass Bead Company.  Debbie and David Austin  (the delightful owners of the shop) were the instructors, primarily David.

What a sweet, patient, and encouraging instructor.  I'd recommend a class from either of them at any opportunity - whether at Bead and Button or at their studio.

While Dave was teaching us how to carve the plaster for pewter casting Debbie was busy working on tin tube beads for the show.  She graciously showed me and Susan Lambert how to make them during a quiet moment in the class.  What a kind gesture...and of course that was all it took for us to dig in to those kits she had and buy a few extra goodies.  I can't wait to make some tin tube beads.

Betty Boop Bead by Debbie Austin
The pewter casting was great fun and I'm sure I'll be adding plenty of pewter pieces to the Etsy shop soon.

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