Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Notes from B&B

Welcome to one of the first photos from Bead and Button. Is this Sharon? LOL - I wish. This is the very perky and total quirky in an awesome way . She is Sandra Younger the creator of the Knotty Do It All.   Just look at the the beautiful necklace she is wearing and the bracelet.  She is a tiny gal in stature so you wouldn't think the necklace that fits her would fit me as a bracelet but in a matter of seconds she wrapped the necklace around my wrist and voila' it was a trendy bracelet and it FIT.  She could have done the same thing around my neck.  It looks like it is a multi layer necklace but it is actually one length.  A wonderful new product from a totally nice girl.  Tomorrow when I pick up my "Knotty" from her booth at the show I will give you her email addy and web site info.

Sandra Younger of Knotty Do It All
I am so looking forward to seeing all of the new products tomorrow and meeting the vendors.  There are a few people here who I've dealt with through catalogs but have never meet them in person or even seen them at shows.  It will be nice to see Micro Fasteners in person and so many others.  

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