Friday, June 15, 2012

New Metal Book

After Pewter class we (Susan Lambert and I) passed the classroom of the irascible Kim St.Jean.  Susan knows Kim from Charlotte, NC.  In fact, Susan taught Kim to solder using paste solder, oh so many years ago.  We stopped in to say hello and Kim gave us a tour of her latest and greatest projects.
She is super prolific and creates the trendiest pieces.  WHAT display tables!  She must have had three eight foot tables full of class examples and more.  If that doesn’t inspire a student I don’t know what would.  Thanks for the tour Kim! 
While we were there we also picked up Kim latest tome, Metal Magic.  It’s chalked full of tips…..and I know a lot about great tips and useful information.
Metal Magic by Kim St.Jean


Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Thanks for the tip on the book. I've added it to my wish list on Amazon. The preview looks very helpful.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Hi Lela - I think you will like it. It's not a technical book and you are very good at soldering but it does contain a heck of a lot of info and explained in consise language. Good step pictures too!