Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Night Beader and Bead Dreams

Saturday nights at Bead and Button used to be reserved for the ISGB party.  The Glass Bead Guild would have a drink and dessert bar gathering in the Polaris room at the Hyatt.  Alas, they have abandoned that get together.

That get together was where I met Mallory Hoffman several years ago.  She was at the next table and I overheard someone refer to her as Rosebud – her nickname – and I just had to introduce myself.  We’ve been friends ever since. 

Mallory suggested a fun replacement for Saturday night – Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party Dinner at the Doubletree.  Lori had been planning it on Facebook (unfortunately I haven’t been available on Facebook lately and missed it.) She had made all of these great arrangements with a little help from her friends (do you hear a song there?)  For a salad bar dinner and round table for all of us “anonymous” Bead Soup participants.  By anonymous I mean we might know one another by our blog handles or via .  Facebook but most of us have never met in person.
There must have been 30 or so of us there at the dinner – who knew we were all at Bead and Button!
I was able to meet Heather Powers – someone I have long admired – not only for her beautiful work but for her extraordinary blogs.  Cassie Donlen was there, Lorelei Eurto, and Marianne of MAKU Studio too.  Whoopee that Raku heart with the nails in it is beautiful.  So much talent and so little time to get to everyone.

There were gifts from Lori (from her personal stash) a few fun games and conversation.  What a great time and all courtesy of Lori Anderson, Bead Soup maven and all around wonderful person.  Thanks Lori – for ALL that you do.

These are someof the photos I was able to take of the Bead Dreams competition at Bead and Button.  I didn't get many because they were in glass cases that reflect easily but I think you'll see the quality of the beautiful work there.  I tried to get the artists name in where I could.  Enjoy!


rosebud101 said...

That was a fun evening, wasn't it!!!

Sharon Driscoll said...


You can call me Lyssa... said...

*drool* all over the chainmail dress! LOL

Pretty Things said...

I'm so glad you had a good time!

Melissa Ingram said...

Hi there it was great reading your blog! Thank you this is the best photo I've seen of my fan, Tequila Sunrise that won 3rd place in the Seed Bead Category :)