Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fun with Tila Beads

I don’t usually do bead weaving anymore but couldn’t resist a class using Tila Beads from Miyuki      Anna Elizabeth Draeger, Associate Editor extraordinaire, at Bead and Button Magazine, was our teacher.  She taught 3 different patterns – Two beaded beads and a ring.  I’m not much into beaded rings so I just concentrated on the two beads.

Anna Elizabeth Draeger
Isn’t that rectangle bead going to look great mixed into necklaces with lampwork?    It’s from Anna’s Cutie Cubes Bracelet (we were given the pattern for the bracelet too).   
Cubic Cuties by Anna Elizabeth Draeger

What I’m going to do with the triangle bead is a little beyond me right now but Anna showed us how to link a group of them together to form a sumptuous chain.  Maybe I can make a bead to fit into the interior of the triangle.  I’ll figure out something yet to do with it.

The beads I made in class - I better loosen the tension!
Anna has a book out titled Crystal Brilliance and next year she will be publishing again.  I saw some of the beads that will be in it and they’re stunning.  Hopefully she’ll be teaching those next year because I’d love to take another class from her.


Jean A. Wells said...

That would have been a great class. What a great little cube bead.

Patty said...

It's a very different world, that teeny tiny seed beady world. I stuck a toe in a while back and need to try it again. It's wonderful how a whole can emerge from so many tiny parts. Love your components!

Sharon Driscoll said...

How incredibly good to hear from you Patty!!!! Last I heard you are working on a new studio. I try to keep abreast if not in touch. The little beads are fun to play with when you need to get your mind off (LOL) the big beads. Okay, that sentance just tickled my big toe but it's fun to play with different things.