Monday, January 30, 2012

Crazy Soup Anticipation

Two posts in one day – who am I?

My partner in Bead Soup passion –
Rebecca Sirevaag - has let me know that the beads are “in the mail”. Whoo HOO! Her package and mine ought to be like passing ships in the night. Mine went out on Saturday so I figure they will say hello to one another around Nebraska.

So now that the "soup is on" here is the tease. This is what they look like:
Yeah sure, huh? But isn’t this a neat trick? It is the beads I sent, really

Lori Anderson has been sending us emails all along (what an organized mind this woman has) and mentioned Picnik where you can apply all kinds of effects to your photos. It is just the easiest site to use and what fun. I couldn’t show you what I sent to Rebecca – because she doesn’t live in Nebraska (I just figure that’s the half way point) and the beads have to travel a lot further than that. What kind of a surprise is it if your partner posts what you’re receiving before you get it?

The other thing I wanted to post about is that Lori has received notification of what the cover is going to look like on her book. This is going to be another great one since Lori has such an articulate way of explaining why she has chosen the components for her designs. Could she have done anything less than create a great book about Bead Soup? I doubt it.


Lori Anderson said...

Thank you so much! The book wouldn't have been possible without all of you participating.

Cornerstoregoddess said...

Can't wait to see!