Monday, January 23, 2012

Under Promise - Over Deliver

Paraphrased from Martin Lindstrom: Fast Company.

I read this article via my Kindle. Mr. Lindstrom (great name, huh – makes me think of my favorite pliers) says that companies that under promise and over deliver are those whose brands are remembered, but those companies are far and few between. One reason, and I’m sure the largest, is that over delivering isn’t cost affective to the bottom line – the profit. Hmmmmm, I get it. Mr. Lindstrom (gosh I like saying that) states that, “If it’s better than expected---or hoped for---we remember it above all else.” And that, “Small acts of generosity imbue us with that rare feeling of being cared for or considered by a company.”

Obviously Mr. Lindstrom deals with companies that are much larger than the average Etsy store front. It’s okay – The principals are the same and I can still remember how I squealed with delight at my first purchase from Etsy. It came wrapped beautifully and enclosed with a small additional token of appreciation for my order. I’ve never gotten an order that wasn’t wrapped or that didn’t include a Thank You. That first order became the basis of my decision to do the same with my orders. Mr. Lindstrom should place more orders via Etsy – There are a lot of entrepreneurs and artists out there following this suggestion. I think it’s an excellent way to do business.

What do you do for your customers?

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