Wednesday, January 11, 2012

“Decked Out” English

I love a good Peace sign, can’t help myself. I’d claim it was caused by the water if I could get away with it but I’m a “Boomer” and that’s just the way it is. When I was looking up “Bazinga”(see an earlier post) I ran across “Gotcha” as a definition of the word and a whole Sheldon Cooper fan club. “Cool Baby!” And; at that point, things got a tad crazy.

One find was the UofM study and class to teach foreign students how to cope with English. They’re right! Think about a foreign student who might have been taught English and then they run into a “Valley Girl”. “Uh, like the situation was totally tubular, really – I mean like, it was just like gnarly to the max.” Talk about a linguistic curve ball.

That little Internet jaunt took me to words which I would like to stamp on some clay or metal pieces but then – would anyone understand? Can I say “Keep on truckin’ you “jive turkey” because you’re too “trippy” to be “making out” with no “funky flower child”. If I could it might be a “bitchin blast”, but then some “far out” “Daddy-O’ conservative “fink” might not be so “copasetic” about it. I’d have to “mellow out” before he “laid it on me” and it got all “heavy”. “Like wow” that’s so “far out”.

Well, I better “bug-out” now. It’s been “a gas”.

New lampwork is out of the kiln and I'll post some pic's tomorrow.


Deb said...

Oh Peace Dude - just go ahead & stamp them, there will always be an audience that "gets it" ;)

By the way I hope you were suitably decked out while typing this!lol!

Sharon Driscoll said...

NAH - I should have been though - but the "old man" was snoozing to close for me to "let loose".

rosebud101 said...

te-he! You are so funny!

Charles Molway said...

Stumbled upon this site while searching for the famous Jive Walker cartoon. Would you please credit its source. I'm guessing it's Mad Magazine.