Sunday, January 8, 2012

Silly Sunday

You’re going to have to read this to realize these topics go together in a strange Sharon sort of way. Why at this rate I could be a guest writer for a newspaper (where is questionable)..

Tonight’s big news on our local TV report concerned the anger over trees that were blocking a road. Is this a four lane highway? – NAH. More like snow-covered back road – otherwise how could you get those trees cut down without anyone seeing you? Anyway, this post might help you understand my occasional mind melting issues. Below is the news report – I have highlighted the names of the roads and the apparent fact that we don’t seem to know how to count stumps that are missing their tops. I have a question – and we have time up here in the winter for pondering them. Well…, investigators – was it 16, 17, maybe someone stood a few logs up and it was only nine? You can estimate a crowd of people, or the number of gun shots at a robbery but when the evidence is just sitting still there in the daylight the word “ABOUT” in your report just isn’t going to cut it. The policeman was probably educated up here too and we are damn proud to have him. Probably fifth generation or something and all around nice fellah.

You just can’t make this stuff up! And when they sandwich this “Important Breaking News” in between the political race in New Hampshire and the fact Charles Barkley is hosting Saturday Night Live – show blow up maps with arrows and then close up shots of the trees and say out loud the location of the said macabre attack and don’t start laughing…. Well, you have to learn to play along ‘cause in’ they’re serious. Even my DH who grew up here and has friends named “Toad – Jimmy John, and Bucky” burst out laughing. Here is the Internet version – use your imagination for the reporter:

Trees Intentionally Cut Down in Otsego Co., block road
By John McGowan, Anchor

The Otsego County Sheriff's Office is looking for whoever cut down about 17 trees on Tin Shanty Road, near Sawdust Pile in Charlton Township.

The trees were all 12 to 15 inches in diameter, and they made the road impassable.

The Otsego County Road Commission had to remove the trees.

Keep in mind if you have any information of perpetrators of this crime call the Otsego County Sheriff – (but don’t tell him how I was cracking on his patrols or the news anchor…..)

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Deb said...

LOL! Just a stump (or two) short of a decent stump munching party huh?

Good luck with them finding the perpetrators .....