Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Good Winter

Am I typing that? - REALLY...."A Good Winter"?  What constitutes a good winter, hmmmm.

For me it usually means no snow, clean roads, warmer weather, lots of ideas, and time to bring them to fruition.  What a tall tale that wishful thinking is.  You can't have it all, right?  The optimist in me thinks - You've got to embrace your circumstances and like they say in the song - "If you can be with the one you love, love the one you're with."  Okay, that thought doesn't count where people are concerned (I'm way too old a hippie for that) but with your environment it might be applicable.  I live in the snow belt of the United States (you know that). Mid-Michigan mitten area gets snow, a fact. 

I should embrace the thought of it.  Get really cool jackets and boots.  This is how I'd look in really cool winter wear:

I could wear Prada and Gucci (if I could afford it) and this is how it would end up.  That is how it would look on me and that is the expression I would have on my face.  I'd have to laugh at myself too - whataya gonna do? It is...what it is...cute (LOL), just not me.   Oh yeah, don't get me wrong - I do bundle up and I look like like the pups in the first shot. On the other hand hot weather isn't going to cut it either.  I'm not in bikini shape so palm tree kind of weather is out too. 

So what is this about a "good winter" then Sharon?  I mean if bikini's are out and that is the best you can look as a snow bunny then WTF girlfriend?

Absolutely I say - A very good winter!  Ive a new Swanstrom disc cutter my hubby didn't kill me over and I bought 11 hammers from an old friend (I just need those octopus arms now).  Oldest son took my metal cutter to sharpen and brought me this incredible old one to use for the time being...I'll get a photo of it later to show you.  Yup - it's a bright and shiny 2013.  I wonder where I can find the hat on that wonderful hound in the last photo  ;- ) Wink Wink.


Alice said...

I have never worn stylish coats, boots, mittens, or hats during the winter. Nope, mine are all sturdy useful items that can withstand our winters. Who wants to ruin an expensive pair of boots while taking out the trash or shoveling the walk? But those photos are pretty darn cute if you ask me.

And don't get me started on hot weather swimsuits, short and sandals....

Maplegirl said...

I like winter gear to keep me warm and dry too.

But I am jealous, you have a new Swanstrom disc cutter - now that is great! Andrea