Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tin Heart Earrings

Have you been wondering what I did with all of those punched out pieces I did on the hydraulic press?  Sometimes it feels like I’m just one giant jewelry component maker.  I do amass a large number of parts, be it beads, metal, or ceramic.   There are lots of stashes around here for components I’ll tell you.  I’m like a raven – if it’s shiny or interesting it’s stashed around here somewhere.

This tin “thing” is speaking to me though and I’ve returned to making earrings.   I can only wear so many pair so I’ll probably revamp my old Etsy site for finished jewelry.   In keeping with the ArtWerks theme I’ve called it MetalWerks.  You can find it HERE.  It’s empty, but won’t be soon!


1 comment:

Lela said...

LOL@the raven comment. Me too. :)

I like the way these are riveted - I need to do more of's a challenge for me.