Friday, January 11, 2013

New Tide Pool Beads

Five Starfish Beads and a cabashon

It’s a starfish attack in the tide pool.  A customer from last year’s Bead and Button had a request of me – and not exactly recently.  It came just before Thanksgiving but life around the holidays is hectic so I couldn’t get to it until just now.  Marcia had bought one of my tide pool beads and wanted another one.  They’re not easy to gear up for.  Since I don’t make them year round I don’t tend to have everything I need for them around.  You need murrini to make the tiny shells, and pulled dichroic glass that’s encased (for the glimmer), some silver laden glass for sheen, about six shades of blue and green in transparent and opaque, some silver foil, clear to encase for depth, and on and on.  If the bead doesn’t kill you the prep for it might….hahaha.  Anyhoo, these are the results of my recent reunion with the sea and tide pools.   Marcia can choose from the selection and the rest will go on Etsy in about a week and to Bead and Button.  I hope to make some time to create a few more for Bead and Button and lots of other types - - - what was that about not having that college energy anymore?  I guess I do work quite a bit - it's just in small bursts all day long and I always have quite a few UFO's (unfinished objects) around to work on.

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Lela said...

I have no idea how you do that! Well, they are little works of very cool. I'd love to watch you sometime.

I have a whole beginner's bead making kit...including the glass rods & DVD. I bought it only because it was on a ridiculously priced sale & I knew I should have it. heh.

Maybe someday I'll get around to trying it.