Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eat/Sleep/Work - tin thoughts and new earrings

Remember in college when that is what you'd do?  Wow - I so remember working non-stop until I was exhausted.  I'd grab whatever food I could find and then I'd start again right after I slept.  Now when my son does that I get royally worried (maybe it's that he's not in college anymore).  ACK - the things kids do (even grown ones) to make a mother crazy.
Any how, I've been doing a bit of that lately myself.  A modified version that includes lots of planning.  The planning includes the earrings above.  The photo is askew (I'm not that good with the I-Phone) the one earring is actually only about a mm larger one way than the other but the photo tilt sure makes it look different than that. 
I decided to see if you could ruffle the tin.  I used a dental pliers they use to pull teeth. You can - just as long as you are looking to do a bit of grunge look for the tin.  It's what I was going for and am planning on putting a patina on them so it works for me.  I've used silver rivets and riveted the tin to a copper backing (26 gauge to keep them fairly light). 
You can see from the drawings I'm debating the merits of a few ways to finish them.  Beads on top?  What shape of bead?  What color? Maybe no bead at all and just a nicely wound ear wire  Well - after I get the sanding, grunging, wirings, and so much more done I'll post them.
Whataya think should be the finish for them?  Lay it on me...give examples too.

Clearly some of my favorite works come from Fanciful Devices and Anvil Artifacts.  I'd like my work to take on some of those qualities.  Some grungier work but have totally mixed media Sharon kind of components...maybe just a little less grunge - I'm just worried it might not speak to me when it's complete.  And I'd like to work a little more complicated.

Crap, dump that thought of it speaking to me....let's shoot for looking okay and going where I want them to go.

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Lela said...

Here's what I think. I think you're thinking too hard.

Just get your head out of it and let your fingers do the walking. ;)