Friday, January 25, 2013

Are there no good parts left?

It's not that this is unexpected.  I have arthritis - I carry too much weight.  I have crappy knees.  Here we go again....the right knee is scheduled to be replaced on February 11th.   It's shaping up to be a crazy month.   Let's see - stuff/ knee/ anniversary/ Valentine's Day/ Bi-Lateral hip shots.  I know there is more but typing it here I can't remember it all. 

Okay universe - do it to it and let's get it done.  I've healing to do before Bead and Button.  Silver lining: There will be plenty of blog time in February.  I've not made any monumental decisions here but my philosophy has grown as I've aged.  At this point when this "stuff" comes in batches I tell myself, "There has GOT to be some humor in there some where Sharon - look for it."  And, indeed if I look it's always there lerking somewhere.  And if there isn't - I'll make my own.

Let's take today.  

I decided in my grand wisdom (I got old - not necessarily smart) that we would use the "optimization" clinic at Henry Ford Hospital to get the prelim work done for the surgery.  Okay - you don't know the lay of land here...let me explain.  Detroit is where HFH is - I am 3.5 hours away (one way).  And so, when do I make this appointment - 9am.  Dumb shit.  You see, the plan was to visit my son, DIL, and granddaughter over night and then go to the appointment and come home.  But, yesterday I just couldn't seem to get up the steam to get going.  Dumb shit.  Today I (we - poor DH) got up at 4am, got ready, and left for the loooong ride.  We left the darling animals at home thus sealing our fate.  It was a down and back trip.  Okay, if we wouldn't have made it this would be a whole different post.  Did I pick the day or what - we got to see six accidents along the's Michigan....we don't slow down much for snow.  All the way this reel of "another one bites the dust" kept rolling though my head.  What a dumb song.

At the hospital they warn you ahead of time you are likely to get a hospitalist for this clinic.  Well, I didn't get a hospitalist - I got a clone.  I love the clones (the wanna be baby doctors).  They are so eager and so serious.  The poor sweet young man asks me the pain level on my knee.  I just can not control myself with these kids.  I say, "which one?" and act clueless since it hasn't been long since the left knee was replaced.  He gets confused and has to consult the paperwork.  Then he says,  Well - the right one.  Someone stop me - I left DH in the waiting room and he usually rolls his eyes at me which is his clue that enough is enough.  I tell him the left one is feeling pretty good and is about the same pain level as the "right" one.  Back to the paperwork he goes - "How is the pain level on the one we are going to put a new joint in?"  Okay, he's on to me (no not really). Actually it wasn't hurting - I've been on my butt for four hours at the crack of dawn which I usually do not see so it wasn't getting a work out.  We discuss the knee - the risks - my temporary lack of agony.  He is truly very sweet and very eager.  We share a few more jokes and this time we laugh together.  Now, he gets it!  Later he calls the "boss" in - a nice female (much older) doctor to check his work.  I give her a little of the business and he winks at me from behind her.  He'll make a good doctor.

All the way home it sleets and there are more tow trucks and police cars.  I thank the universe for a decent trip and a good sense of humor.   On the way into the garage I hum the tune and trip down and a gazillion yet to go (another one bites the dust!).  It's sounding better now.  Maybe it will be a theme song when I have to whack my way through things.


Jean A. Wells said...

Sharon, I always love reading your posts. You are such a humorist-I wish I had your knack for writing. Thank you for your prayers and good luck with your knee replacement. I'll have you in my prayers that everything goes great for you.

Lela said...

I agree with Jean. Your humor (and attitude) are in tact and that's half the battle. You'll get through all that's facing you just fine!